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Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth is a medical cosmetic clinic in Perth, Western Australia.
In Perth Australia we are very fortunate to have much more sunshine and outdoor lifestyle than many other places in the world. However, this brings the disadvantage that sun exposure can cause skin damage, and result in premature aging.

Early intervention by the doctors of Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth can delay the onset of these changes, and also slow their progression.

Obviously prevention is better than treatment for sun-damaged skin, but when the damage has occurred there are medical cosmetic treatments and procedures that can be applied by the Auspoin, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth to help in remedying the damage.

Of course, it is not only sun exposure that can result in aged skin, but also the process of aging itself. The aging changes of the skin can start from about the age of thirty. Other factors, such as smoking, diet, stress and sleep deficiency can also hasten skin aging.

While in Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth we cannot reverse the effect of aging we can, through cosmetic medical treatment, help maintain a younger looking skin for longer.

In Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth we have the expertise, the latest technologies and products to assist our clients in improving the health of the skin, in order to make it look as fresh and natural as best possible for the age.
About Auspoint Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth
Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth takes a holistic approach to the review and treatment of sun-damaged and age-affected skin in Perth and Western Australia. We invite the people of Perth and Western Australia to contact Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth to discuss their questions related to age affected and sun damage skin, and consider undertaking a skin check at Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth.

Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth is an integrated medical cosmetic clinic that offers a wide range of cosmetic services, alongside skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as sun damage revision, treatment and prevention.

The cosmetic services by Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth are provided by medical doctors who have specialised training and experience in cosmetic treatments and procedures for skin anti-aging and rejuvenation.

The principal cosmetic physician of Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth is Dr Shirely Liu, who has a Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine and an Advanced Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine. She is a Full Member of the Cosmetic Physician College of Australasia.

Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth also has another medical doctor, Dr Jason Giacomel, who has extensive training in cosmetic treatment.

Dr Scott Mcgregor is another doctor in Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth, who has been practicing in skin cancer and cosmetic medicine since 2003.

He has extensive training and teaching experience in both fields. His passion is for sun damage prevention and repair of sun damaged skin, using the many cosmetic and medical modalities now at our disposal.

Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth also has an experienced beauty therapist who performs many medical grade cosmetic treatments, as well as facials and chemical peels.
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