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Double Chin Reduction Treatment
Introduction to
Double Chin Reduction Treatment
At Auspoint Medical Cosmetic Clinic (AMMC) we understand that a double chin resulting from weight gain, genetics and aging can be frustrating, and impact one’s self confidence.

Traditional methods of fat removal, such as liposuction, work best on large fat deposits, making them less effective for smaller fat stores like the chin.

However our double chin reduction treatment provides another fat removal option, eliminating double chins and leaving a more defined neck and jawline.
How Double Chin Reduction Works
Fat Dissolving Solution
The active ingredient in our double chin reduction treatment is a material that naturally occurs in the body. It is responsible for the breakdown and removal of fat in the food we consume and in our body.
What are its Benefits?
This new method of fat reduction has many advantages over more traditional methods:
  • Non-surgical
  • Effective results
  • Long term results
  • Less downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
During the treatment the target area is prepared for a number of injections, which are performed by our trained staff.
Is this treatment suitable for me?
How long does the treatment take?
When will I see the results?
Are there any side effects?
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